Playing Catch UP $

Friday, October 15, 2004


Liz had soccer practice, snacked before, ate after.
Ran to the store grabbed a few things to make a taco dip. Spent $6.24
Ran into the dollar store next door and spent $6 on some treats for the kids.

Taco Dip with veggies and tortilla chips
Scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese

Payperiod Total...$95.34
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$631.51


Liz is sick...we didn't have to go to her soccer game.

Chicken and Gravy over mashed potatoes


Chicken noodle soup (leftover chicken and gravy, potatoes, corn, green beans, egg noodles)
Vanilla Wafer

Tuesday 10/12

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I finally got my rear into the dr's for some meds. Let's hope that I'm back to speed in a few days.


snacked at my parents' house

Hot dogs
Baby Carrots

I asked Pat to stop at a specific gas station to get 3 gallons of milk ($1.95/gal) on Monday. He forgot and stopped at the village store and paid $3.05/gal!!!!!!!!!! Luckily he only bought 2 at that price and not the 3 that I asked him to. I let him know we'd go without milk for a week before I paid that much for a gallon of milk. A convenience store he had to pass on the way to the village usually has milk on sale so that was a better place to stop. (I don't think their regular price would be $3.09) And here I thought my kids had gained my frugal tendencies and knowledge by osmosis. Maybe it's time to break out the wet noodles.

Tom went to the next town over to get my prescription filled. I asked him to run into the Big M next door to the drug store while he was waiting for it to be filled. They were having a 10 for $10 mix and match sale. One of the things they had was half gallons of orange juice that I've been craving! They also had some decent priced fruit which we've been out of for a few days. He says he spent about $27.

Payperiod Total...$83.10
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$619.27

Monday 10/11....Update

Monday, October 11, 2004

I've let things go here but intend to get back into it. Having the flu tends to put a damper on your enthusiasm for food and preparing it. Yesterday I couldn't update even if I wanted to because my IP was down for 24hrs (talk about withdrawal!)

I was barely functioning and as soon as some older people were in the house I kind of let go of things. Tom stopped at Save-a-Lot on the way home from work. He wouldn't show me the receipt. He doesn't want me to include what he bought in my totals. Something about he probably bought the wrong things and spent too much on stuff. I want as true of an account of what we spend as possible so asked him to give up how much he spent. He told me a roundabout figure which is better then nothing. I can't write out what he bought because I wasn't anywhere around when he put it away but it's been a few meals this weekend and we've been enjoying sodas and more snacks :o)

Tom made dinner....
Chicken nuggets
French fries
Baby Carrots

Payperiod Total...$50
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$586.17



I felt a lot better today...ventured outside and took time to make a meal!

Seasame Chicken (won't give recipe as I'm still searching for a really good sauce...this one was only ok)
Beer Battered Onion Rings


Forgot Sunday

Dinner was...

Sweet Italian Sausage with peppers from our garden (last of them)
Alfredo Egg Noodles


Feeling so so, sinuses are causing a problem. All kids have today off of school.



Chili w/ground beef (used canned stuff and chili seasoning recipe)
English muffin Cheese Pizzas
French Fries
Chicken Nuggets

Dinner is finishing up as I write this. Some kids haven't gotten home from errands yet. Looking at the pans I'm going to assume that I'll have leftovers of chili and pizzas.

Beer Battered Onion Rings


1 - 1 1/4c flour
1 12oz can beer
1 egg
seasoning (garlic, salt, pepper)

Add ingredients in the order listed. Blend well...will be similar to pancake batter consistancy.

Slice Onions into rings, dredge in additional flour then dip in beer batter.
Immediately drop into hot oil and fry until crispy and brown.