Oct 16 - 22

Friday, October 20, 2006

I forget what I had planned for Mon and Tues. The rest of the days I'll list what I planned and what I actually did. So I'll be editing this entry as the rest of the week goes on.

Monday....Chicken Patties and/or BBQ beef, cheese puffs, apples Not what I planned but we were only home for 20mins before kids ran out the door again. So did quick and easy.

Tuesday...Beefy mac and cheese (started off as stroganoff but realized I was out of mushroom soup after I cooked the burger), apple bake

Wednesday...Sausage/Pizza rolls, salad
Actual...Sloppy Joes I took Val to the ER to be with Janna who had kidney stones (they think) Drew and Pat made dinner. Went grocery shopping

Thursday...Taco Salad (use up the salad fixings before they rot)
Actual...Baked Chicken Leg quarters, salad school...snack/party day. Rye bread and dip, artichoke and spinach dip, crab rangoons, veggie tray, etc
Actual...Rye bread and dip, crab dip and fried wonton chips, shrimp cocktail, cheese, crackers, pepperoni and braunschweiger

Saturday...I'd planned Roasted Turkey and some fixings but never took it out of the freezer so isn't going to happen. I'll do pizza and maybe try falafels.
Actual...Pizzas, went to open house at my nephew's new place and had snacks beforehand.

Sunday...And of course turkey sandwiches (or turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes...or both lol) isn't going to work either. Not sure what I'll do. It's a pretty busy day.
Actual...Beans and hotdogs (have a meeting at church during dinner something easy for the kids to make)

Cleaning up around here

Yep, I'm considering starting this blog up again. I need to get back to staying within my food budget. Actually I need to figure out WHAT my food budget is first. LOL Right now I'm trying to eat out of my freezer/pantry until the beginning of November. I did go grocery shopping on Wednesday and spent about $110. It's not all that was spent this payday though since Tom bought some things and I found a great bread sale at Big Lots.

Meals in my freezer/fridge includes....

Split breasts (no idea what I'll use these for, not enough for everyone to have their own)
Thighs...chicken and gravy probably
Skinless/boneless breasts...Stirfry...flavoring TBA (to be announced lol)

Taco Salad
Stirfry, probably teriyaki
Sloppy Joes (Drew's pushing for)

Fish sticks
Stuffed Shells
Veal Patties
Broccoli for broccoli soup
Eggs (breakfast for dinner)
Cheese for homemade mac and cheese (mom's pushing for)

2 wks of groceries for 12...then

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I made this webpage in 2001 after being asked how I spent under $500/mo to feed my family. I decided to record and keep track of how much I spent and how many meals I could get out of it. I'm hoping to redo this with today's prices and food amounts. Afterall my kids are a LOT bigger now. lol Our financial situation has eased up a bit since this time so I know I buy and spend more.

Link to the shopping trip that started this foodblog. Sept '04 34 meals for under $500.

I visited 3 stores and spents $198.16 all together. This is more then I usually have ($150), but my dh had some overtime. I splurged in a few places. I get some of my things from my stocked pantry. I stock it with sales and extra income (OT or income tax return). This is a winter menu for a family of 12. In the summer we tend to eat out of our garden a lot so it's even cheaper.

* notes prices that I know have increased

Here's the on each name to jump to that store

$102.53 ~
50.38 ~ Wegmans
46.05 ~ Price Chopper

Here's what I bought.... Click here to jump to my menu

Price Chopper
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4 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $1.69ea...B1G1
9 P&R Elbows and Thin spaghetti...3/$.99
*12 Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes or Puree...2/$1
2 Sunluck Beef Broccoli Seasoning Pkts...$.69ea
4 Quaker Maid Sandwich Steaks...$3.99/12oz pk...B1G1F (substitute for the roast they were out of)
*3.5lbs Boneless skinless Chicken Breasts...$1.59lb
3 Price Chopper Sour Cream...$.88/pint
2 3# bags of Apples...$.1.99 ea (one bag is for Jake's class snack)
2 cucumbers...$.69ea
1.8lbs Green Peppers....$.69lb
8lb bag of Oranges...$4.99
2 rounds rye bread...$1.99ea...B1G1F
1 Deli pk of Chicken Wings...$2.40 (ate in the car LOL

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*2 Half gallon cartons of Wegman's OJ....$.99ea
3 Half gallon jugs of Wegman's Apple Juice...$.99ea
2 2lt Wegman's Soda...$.50ea....$.05 bottle deposit ea
3 bottles Sparkling grape juice...$1.59ea
2 Gallons of 2% milk...$1.89ea
*3 Wegman's Margarine...$.29ea
*16 8oz containers Crowley Yogurt...4/$1
1 12oz pkg Wonton Skins....$1.69
2 cans Bumble Bee crab meat....$1.99ea
1 jar Hormel Dried Beef...$2.50
*1 20pk Wegmans toilet tissue..$8.99
1 box Kleenex Tissues...$.99
2 1lb bag Wegman's Chips...2/$3
*3 1lb pkgs Salad Mix...$.79ea
*2 1lb pkgs Babycut carrots...$.79ea
*2 small celery...2/$1
*2 pkgs grape tomatoes (kids ATE one!)
*1 12oz pkg Mushrooms...$.99

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3 1lb bags Broccoli spears....$.89ea
4 1lb bags Broccoli cuts....$.79ea
*3 lb margarine....$.39ea
*5 lbs ground beef...$.99lb
*2 3# pkgs frozen ground beef...$1.19lb (out of $.99/lb chubs)
*5 Hotdog...$.59ea
17lb Frozen Turkey...$.79/lb
1 Blister pk Pepperoni...$.99
3 boxes fish sticks...40ct...$2.49ea
3 Frozen OJ..$.79ea
2 Vegetable Oil...$1.29ea
1 Canola cooking spray...$1.19
1 BBQ sauce...$1.19
1 sweet relish...$.99
2 Ketchup...$.99ea
1 Brown mustard...$.69
2 Mayo...$.99ea
4 Cream of mushroom soup...$.49ea
2 Gummi Worms...$.79ea
1 Bag blowpop suckers...$.99
1 Jar Hot pepper rings...$1.19
*4 Black Olives....$.79ea
*6 5# bag Flour...$.89ea
3 Stuffing Mix...$.69ea
1 Coffee creamer..$.99
*2 snack crackers...$.99ea
*2 oyster crackers...$.59ea
1 Bag cheese puffs...$.99
1 Bag Corn chips...$.99
*1 Box Gallon zipper bags...$.89
*3 White Bread....3/$1.69
*2 30ct Med Eggs...$1.29ea
*2 5# bag French Fries...$1.99ea
*1 Hash Brown...$1.99
1 Bag Hushpuppies...$.99
*2 Bags mini marshmellows...$.59ea
4.8lbs Bananas...$1.60
*1 bag Lemons...$1.29
1 Head of cabbage...$1.11
1 Bag of Sauerkraut...$.99

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Beef Broccoli Stir Fry (2 boxes QM steak sandwiches, broccoli, 1/2 pk mushroom, gr pepper, carrots(from freezer))
Chinese Noodles

Beef and Gravy served with potatoes and rolls (2 boxes QM steadk sandwiches)

Meatball Sandwiches served on rolls (sauce from pantry), with Salad mix and Corn(pantry)

Spaghetti and meatballs, rolls (sauce from pantry)

Sloppy Joes served on rolls, Salad mix and Green beans(pantry)

Chili served with cornbread

Taco Bake with rice (Burger, salsa(freezer), corn, gr peppers, tomato puree)

Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut, Sweet Peas and potatoes (both pantry)

Hot Dogs with French fries and Corn(pantry)

Hot Dogs and beans (pantry), cornbread

Fish sticks sandwiches with French fries and Green beans(pantry)

Fish stick sandwiches with French Fries and salad

Sweet and Sour Chicken (broccoli, gr pepper, carrots, 1/2 pk mushroom, can pineapple(pantry)
served with chinese noodles

Scrambled Eggs (leftovers added) served with toast, hash browns

Pizza ~ Pepperoni and Garlic (already had cheese in frig), Pasta salad

Pizza ~ Cheese and Garlic , salad mix

Turkey served with Sweet Potatoes (pantry), stuffing, olives

Turkey Sandwiches, served with Corn, Potatoes (boxed pantry)

Turkey and Gravy with rice or potatoes served with rolls

Turkey soup with leftovers (mixed veggies from pantry and leftovers from fridge)

Broccoli soup served with homemade garlic rolls

Tomato soup served with homemade parm rolls.

Scalloped potato (boxed from pantry and mushroom soup) soup served with bread

Alfredo crab noodles (parm cheese from pantry) served with garlic bread and peas (pantry)

Tuna Noodle Casserole (tuna and peas from pantry)

Rye bread rounds with dip (sour cream and dried beef) served with french fries and baby carrots and sparkling grape dinner

Wonton wrappers for...crab ragoon and mini egg rolls

Breakfasts consist of...Oatmeal, homemade granola, waffles, pancakes, quick bread, toast, yogurt, fruit

Lunch is... some meals above, PBJ, tuna mac salad, boxed mac and cheese, leftovers, soup from pantry

Snacks...brownies, cookies, cakes, fruit, quick bread, candy, chips, popcorn, baby carrots and dip

Drinks....water, OJ, Apple juice, milk, soda, coffee, tea, koolaid

Need to buy before 2wks is up...milk, juice, fresh fruit and veggies