Menu... May 11 - 17

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh this is getting hard. For the first time in a looooong time the house is dangerously low on food. It's really unsettling for me to be in this position. I know that the amount of food and choices I have affects me emotionally. I have meat in the freezer thanks to the venison we were gifted this spring. It's the other stuff that is missing....eggs, milk, pasta, bread, veggies, etc.

I'm hoping that our stimulus check comes on Fri like it's scheduled to so I can do a major mega shopping trip. Hmmm it might be a good chance to do a 34 meals for $500 type of post again using 2008 figures. I keep wondering how things would compare between then and now (including our different eating habits). All I know is I am DYING for some roasted chicken!

Anyways...onto the task at hand...trying to squeek by until payday. I'm only planning until Friday though since it's payday and I have to be in the city. That means I'll most likely pick up some groceries.

Sunday... Take and Bake Uno pizzeria pizza (Tom's Mother's Day surprise...picked it up when he picked up Michelle)
Monday... Hot dogs and chips thanks to Uncle B
Tuesday... Venison Fajitas
Wednesday... Scalloped potatoes, bread
Thursday... Chicken Pot Pie, bread

(These things are almost definites since I have the main ingredients for all these dishes defrosted in the fridge right now. I may even get them all made today!)

Oh quick note! Don't count out your local convenience store for grocery deals. I ran there last night on the way home for milk (not too bad....used to be one of the cheaper places actually). I was amazed to find a dozen eggs for $1.49 ($.124/egg). Cheapest I've seen it at the regular grocery stores is Wal-Mart's 18ct carton (which are $.14/egg)