Menu - Oct 23 - 29

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday - Spaghetti with sausage meatsauce (sausage precooked adn frozen), Garlic roll or bread

Tuesday - Taco Salad

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Sandwiches on Rolls, canned veggies

Thursday - Fish Sandwiches (frozen), French Fries

Friday - Cream of Potato Soup, cheese biscuits

Saturday - Roasted Turkey (trying again) with the fixings
alt - Stroganoff over egg noodles

Sunday - Turkey Sandwiches and/or Turkey and Gravy over mashed potatoes or rice
alt - Homemade mac and cheese

I'm pretty set grocerywise. :o) I was planning making all the bread but now I won't be home until late on Monday so I'll buy Italian bread while out. I never put side dishes with my meals since those tend to be easy to figure. Most of the time it's a salad or some cans of veggies, etc. If I need to assemble and cook it then I'll add it to my list (or if I need to purchase it that week).

Yep, I'm trying to remember to defrost and bake the turkey this weekend AGAIN! Incase I don't I've planned alternative meals, so I'm good to go. I'm so with it this week I even took down the school lunch menu and made sure chicken, spaghetti, etc weren't too close together. The lunch lady and I tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to meals. Last minute planning tends to cause it to be exactly what they had for lunch that day or are going to have the next. LOL

I'm hoping to get to the farmer's market on Tues or Thurs so hope to have lots of apples and such for snacks. I'm trying to hold off on shopping until next month. I don't want to start keeping tabs on totals midmonth