Taking a Hiatus $

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm terribly behind here. In order to free myself from the guilt, I've decided I'll just give this blog a rest for a while. I'll be going grocery shopping on Friday and it's a GREAT sale! So hopefully it'll be a short lived one.

I will update the numbers though. It's one of the most important parts of this blog to me....keeping track of my grocery budget. In the last week or so we've spent another $75. Tom stopping without authorization ;o) is messing me up! He's never shopped before in his life. I wonder if it's because our cupboards look emptier then they have lately. There aren't many easily made or grabbable things for him to eat.

I may go through the archives and put a few markings into titles to help me search through them easier in the future. Things like a $ when there's an update to monies spent. Numbering the paydays....PD1, PD2, etc.

Payperiod Total...$230.53
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$922.59