LOK Cooking Challenge - Previous Winners

Thursday, September 23, 2004

~ October ~

Challenge - Serve a family of 4 for $10/day. A family of 6+ for $15/day. Breakfast and Lunch can be one dish. Dinner must include sides. Beverages not included in total.

Lisa at The Joy of Six

Oatmeal and an orange - $4.38

Peanut butter sandwich, carrot sticks, and a banana - $4.40

Spaghetti and Sauce, salad, homemade bread - $5.22


~ June/July '08 ~

Challenge - A 3 course meal (appetizer, main dish, dessert) for 4 for $15. All ingedients must be shelf items (no refrigerator case) at a dollar store.

Kim at Growlies for the Gang

Appetizer- Marinated garlic vegetables with tuna and crackers or tuna cakes
Main - Chicken cheese enchilada rice with mango glazed carrots
Dessert - Pound cake with cranberries and raisins in an orange marmalade sauce with a drizzle of chocolate


~ April '08 ~

Challenge - A meal for $1 per person

Annie at Real Life Living ~ Family of 5

Steamed Dumplings with Chicken Gravy
Herbed Green Beans with Tomatoes
Garden Salad with Croutons
Total Price = $4.84


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