Setting up shop

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Just setting up this blog so that once I have all the info to start posting, I won't have an excuse NOT to do it. Why did I pick Growlies as a name for food? I saw it on one of the first websites I visited geared toward large families Growlies for Groups. I always thought it was a neat slang word for food...even if I've never heard it used anywhere else. LOL

What I hope to accomplish here is to....

* Post my grocery list from each store I visit and how much I spend
* Post the menu to go with the purchases I've made
* Keep track of each day's meal and how much it cost me in total...including any pantry and food I already have on hand.
* Post recipes when applicable, so I have them all in one place. Make notations about them.
* Index the recipes in alphabetic order so they are easy to find, creating an online recipe book
* Analyze each payperiod's meals, recipes, and budget.

Now let's see if it's possible. I'm afraid I've made this more complicated then I intended or need to. (story of my life) LOL