Another day out, another day into the stores

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I dropped Michelle off and intended to run to the dollar store to buy a bag of rice for the mexican dinner I'd planned on for that night. I know $1/lb is a steep price for rice but figured that would be a cheaper option then running into Walmart. I was kind of right. It cost me $15+ for my bag of rice. But who knows how much it would've cost in the megastore! Actually I bought rice, salsa and marinated artichokes (treat for the car...they were oily and not very tasty). The rest was stuff we NEEDED! I just didn't realize it until I saw it. lol

Then I ran to pick Michelle up. I was a few minutes early so ran into Real Deals to pick up a few crocheting things. Karamel Korn, 2pks cookies and 2 berry juices ended up in my hands for another $3 spent.

Michelle wanted to get some things that were on sale at BJ's. Back in we went. I ended up picking a few things up while we were in there...

3.96 - 4 pkgs grill n spray (cooking spray) 2pks
3.79 - gallon orange juice
4.39 - 2lb bag romaine lettuce
6.49 - 6pk black olives
7.89 - 48pk ramen noodles

BJ's Total - $26.12

Day's Total - 32.12

Running total since 10/17 - $1271.39

Menu...November 23 - 29

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have NO idea what I'm making for tonight's dinner, much less the rest of the week. I'm glad this makes me think about it so I don't have to deal with "What's for dinner?" all day long, everyday.

Sunday... Church potluck for lunch...made chicken alfredo, Tom made dinner...doctored up cream of mushroom soup (added burger, dried onions, and green beans) was pretty yummy! We decided it would be good on toast.

Monday... Beef roast, pasta salad (gravy saved for Wed)
Tuesday... FFY..snacks, cereal, sandwiches
Wednesday... Burger and gravy over egg noodles (might turn it into stroganoff)
Thursday... Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house
Friday... Michelle bought fixings for ham dinner....might do it this day. If not then Saturday.
Saturday... Up in the air....might do a smorgasbord of small dishes (only have cheese for 2 pizzas) or mexican dinner of burritos, tacitos, bean dip, etc.

Catching up on the numbers

I went shopping last Thursday and then again on Monday. Unfortunately I lost a few of the receipts. The walmart I needed because I'd also bought a bunch of nonfood things so can't just use the receipt. Fortunately I THINK I remember everything I bought. The price chopper one isn't so important since almost everything I bought was food (outside of a few boxes of baggies and pkgs of stryofoam plates).


$21.97 - BJ's Wholesale Club - Pushpops, Cheez-its, assorted muffins

$53.18 - Walmart - Croissants, cheesecake, red velvet cake, 2lbs deli turkey, 3 bunches celery, cucumber, green pepper, 2 skim milk, 2 1% milk, 2qts plain yogurt, 2 bags tortilla chips, mustard, 3lbs margarine, 1lb garden rotini, 2 8pks gum, 4 strawberry milk (car ride home)

$1.00 - Dollartree - bag of gingersnaps

$76.15 - Thursday's Total
$84.45 - Monday/Price Chopper total

$160.60 - Total for both days

Running total since 10/17 - $1239.27

So how did the week fare?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

As I predicted...I didn't follow the rest of the week's plan. The roast took way too long to defrost in the fridge and is still waiting for me to cook it. Probably for Sunday night dinner...Monday at the latest. Saturday wasn't a complete loss though...Michelle did cook chicken patties. She just added a whole lot more then corn to it. lol She always makes things fun for the kids. So what did the rest of the week look like?

Thursday... Alfredo egg noodles and boiled shrimp
Friday... Chicken fried rice
Saturday... Michelle make the a smörgåsbord of things....chicken patties, black olives, oatmeals, boxed mac and cheese, baby food (apricots with apples and pears), tuna on crackers, celery with peanut butter and/or ranch to dip it in. At least I think that's all they had...I could be wrong.

Now to think out a decent followable plan for the coming week.

Oh and Tom messed up my shopping gig here a bit. He went to Aldi's, bought a few things and then lost the receipt. He swears it wasn't more then $15 though. So I'll just add in $15 to the running total. I know he bought...

A case of canned corn
3 jars of instant coffee
2 loaves of bread
2 bags of nacho chips
1 bag of pretzels
a few bags of candy

Running total since 10/17... $1078.67