Another day out, another day into the stores

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I dropped Michelle off and intended to run to the dollar store to buy a bag of rice for the mexican dinner I'd planned on for that night. I know $1/lb is a steep price for rice but figured that would be a cheaper option then running into Walmart. I was kind of right. It cost me $15+ for my bag of rice. But who knows how much it would've cost in the megastore! Actually I bought rice, salsa and marinated artichokes (treat for the car...they were oily and not very tasty). The rest was stuff we NEEDED! I just didn't realize it until I saw it. lol

Then I ran to pick Michelle up. I was a few minutes early so ran into Real Deals to pick up a few crocheting things. Karamel Korn, 2pks cookies and 2 berry juices ended up in my hands for another $3 spent.

Michelle wanted to get some things that were on sale at BJ's. Back in we went. I ended up picking a few things up while we were in there...

3.96 - 4 pkgs grill n spray (cooking spray) 2pks
3.79 - gallon orange juice
4.39 - 2lb bag romaine lettuce
6.49 - 6pk black olives
7.89 - 48pk ramen noodles

BJ's Total - $26.12

Day's Total - 32.12

Running total since 10/17 - $1271.39