Catching up on the numbers

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I went shopping last Thursday and then again on Monday. Unfortunately I lost a few of the receipts. The walmart I needed because I'd also bought a bunch of nonfood things so can't just use the receipt. Fortunately I THINK I remember everything I bought. The price chopper one isn't so important since almost everything I bought was food (outside of a few boxes of baggies and pkgs of stryofoam plates).


$21.97 - BJ's Wholesale Club - Pushpops, Cheez-its, assorted muffins

$53.18 - Walmart - Croissants, cheesecake, red velvet cake, 2lbs deli turkey, 3 bunches celery, cucumber, green pepper, 2 skim milk, 2 1% milk, 2qts plain yogurt, 2 bags tortilla chips, mustard, 3lbs margarine, 1lb garden rotini, 2 8pks gum, 4 strawberry milk (car ride home)

$1.00 - Dollartree - bag of gingersnaps

$76.15 - Thursday's Total
$84.45 - Monday/Price Chopper total

$160.60 - Total for both days

Running total since 10/17 - $1239.27