Friday, October 22

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Kids had the day off from school.


Hash Browns

Bologna or PBJs
Cheese puffs


4 cans Cream of Tomato Soup
5 cans Chicken noodle soup

Snacks at church for a bunch of them

I intended and started to make a Porkloin Roast for dinner but started it too late. So decided to finish cooking it for tomorrow's dinner and forgot about it until it was fully cooked to 180 degrees (suppose to be 160). Opened a bunch of cans of soup for dinner when I realized that we had little time for dinner.

Cheated today $

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Olivia and I went grocery shopping today. Well we started going, we didn't do a true grocery shopping run but I think it'll have to be enough for now. I feel like I didn't get enough fruit and meat, although there is meat in the freezer.

We cheated by eating out. Someone at Tom's shop gave him 5 free tickets to the circus so we sent Drew out with 4 kids. They had $20 for parking and McD's. There were 6 of us left here (Pat had left with Jess) so we caved and ordered pizza and wings. :oD YUM!

I'm hoping to get everything back to normal tomorrow! (how long have I been saying that???)

I can't find my Save a Lot receipt but know I spent $155.53

Payperiod Total...$155.53
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$847.59

Backlogged again $

I haven't been up to posting too much. Unfortunately this was one of the things suffering for it. I'll try to catch up yet again in this post.


We went to a catered BBQ/Pig Roast at church. YUM! I came home with a huge pan of shredded pork which was enough for 2 meals.


I was gone at church all day so not sure what they ate. I organized dinner before I left though. They had lasagna and garlic bread, not sure if they had anything else.
Drew and I ran to the store on the way home from the evening banquet. We spent $60.55. (won't list it due to having a lot of days all in one) Bought too many snacks though.

Payperiod Total...$155.89
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$692.06

Liz had soccer practice. Snacked beforehand. Ate after practice.

BBQ Pork Sandwiches (half the pork from the BBQ)
Baked Potatoes


Baked Salmon
Garlic Noodles
Green beans

Liz had a soccer game. Kids have bologna sandwiches before we left. After we had...

Spaghetti and meatballs
Garlic Bread (last ones...waaahhh!)

Today I'm hoping to go grocery shopping but not sure what I'm buying (NOT a good thing!) I still have quite a few meals in the freezer. I'm hoping I can get away with a tight budget this payperiod, lots of major expenses due right now.