Saturday 9/25 Meals

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Things have gone weird here today. Between me working out this blog and not having the food in order (groceries are still in the bags on the floor!) The kids have been FFT (fending for themselves). They've been trying to put a dent in my snacks too! LOL

I won't be figuring out cost of meals today (at least not the first 2 ones) due to not paying attention to how much of what was eaten.

Since last night these things have disappeared....

2 cans of pringles
granola bars
pudding tubes
gummi bears and worms (but not all of them)

I've put a dent in the lemons and pepperocinis lol

Breakfast was...
Waffles and Pudding tubes

Lunch was....
Salami (some added cheese) Sandwiches
Broccoli and ranch dressing


Sloppy Joes and only Sloppy Joes. We ate on the fly.
There was enough sloppy joes (started with 4lbs of ground beef) that everyone had as many sandwiches as they wanted and I still had leftovers.


We lost power about 11pm so all of us went out to the bonfire with 3 cans of pringles. :o) A bunch of cokes and cherry cokes are gone too, but haven't checked how many.