Oct 16 - 22

Friday, October 20, 2006

I forget what I had planned for Mon and Tues. The rest of the days I'll list what I planned and what I actually did. So I'll be editing this entry as the rest of the week goes on.

Monday....Chicken Patties and/or BBQ beef, cheese puffs, apples Not what I planned but we were only home for 20mins before kids ran out the door again. So did quick and easy.

Tuesday...Beefy mac and cheese (started off as stroganoff but realized I was out of mushroom soup after I cooked the burger), apple bake

Wednesday...Sausage/Pizza rolls, salad
Actual...Sloppy Joes I took Val to the ER to be with Janna who had kidney stones (they think) Drew and Pat made dinner. Went grocery shopping

Thursday...Taco Salad (use up the salad fixings before they rot)
Actual...Baked Chicken Leg quarters, salad school...snack/party day. Rye bread and dip, artichoke and spinach dip, crab rangoons, veggie tray, etc
Actual...Rye bread and dip, crab dip and fried wonton chips, shrimp cocktail, cheese, crackers, pepperoni and braunschweiger

Saturday...I'd planned Roasted Turkey and some fixings but never took it out of the freezer so isn't going to happen. I'll do pizza and maybe try falafels.
Actual...Pizzas, went to open house at my nephew's new place and had snacks beforehand.

Sunday...And of course turkey sandwiches (or turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes...or both lol) isn't going to work either. Not sure what I'll do. It's a pretty busy day.
Actual...Beans and hotdogs (have a meeting at church during dinner something easy for the kids to make)