Friday, March 07, 2008

On Wednesday I kept thinking...I can't remember what's for dinner but at least I have it written down on my food blog.   Imagine my surprise when I got home and checked here to see what I had planned and there was nothing listed!!  I skipped over Wed and went right to Thurs because I knew what Olivia had wanted for her birthday.    It was decided we'd have a baked potato night.  The kids micro'ed potatoes and topped them how they wanted them.   I picked up some things at Michelle's work that night.  The kids were excited to see I bought seafood salad that was clearance.   So they ended up also eating seafood salad sandwiches before bed too.  

I've been sticking with what I've planned.  It's been nice having the menu written out.  Although I think part of me sticking with it is that it was a lot of premade/processed food.   I'm really going to try getting back to planning meals ahead of time again...especially with finances being tight.  I know that it would benefit all of us in both time, money and health if we went back to our old way of cooking/eating.