Menu - April 6 - 12

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tom was so busy trying to fix the van he never had time to get the charcoal going. We ended up microwaving chicken nuggets (I THINK they're gone now), making nachos and/or ramen noodles. Basically a FFY (fend for yourself) night. Here's this week's menu so far...

Sunday... Steaks, baked/grilled potatoes, sauteed broccoli normandy
Monday... Spaghetti, bread, salad
Tuesday... Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes
Wednesday...Venison chili, cheddar biscuits
Thursday... Scalloped potatoes and ham
Friday... Bean soup, bread
Saturday... Pizza

I'll need a few things from the store this week. For the meals listes...mozz cheese (kids used most of what's in the fridge for "nachos", and potatoes. Then the regular stuff...milk, fresh fruit and veggies, eggs, etc. My fridge is looking pretty bare, a good time to clean it out.

Drew and Allison brought me a gift today, Amish Friendship Bread Starter, 2 batches even. (they figured one batch wouldn't make enough for our family lol!)

Noelle, eggs are our goto meal too. We go through tons of them every week. All the kids (except the 2 littlest) know how to and can cook their own eggs. They eat them whenever they get hungry and they think there's nothing to eat (meaning no bags of chips or cookies). lol They especially love it when there's a ton boiled up and ready to just grab and peel. Val's been wanting pickled eggs lately and I agree with her it sounds yummy. So I think we may be making up some of those this week.


noelle said...

I just followed that link to allrecipes. The only recipe I've seen for the Amish starter used pudding, making it not very affordable to do all the time. But there are recipes there that are more affordable looking.

I was also thinking of starting some Herman. There were recipes there for breads and biscuits and pancakes with Herman.