I went shopping and blew my menu

Monday, October 27, 2008

After Monday I didn't follow my menu at all.

Tuesday I left early for a baby shower and a night out (and a stop at the grocery store). I turned the fixings for potpie/pasty into chicken and rice soup which everyone said was yummy. :o)

Wednesday I fell off the menu planning wagon and went with super easy frozen honey battered chicken nuggets and tater tots.

Thursday found me going for the bags of frozen chicken products again. This time it was chicken patties. The kids micro'ed them then sliced them on top of a cheesey tortilla for chicken quesadilla.

Friday we were out on an adventure including a dinnertime stop for soft serve ice cream. So it cauliflower and dip, apples, micro'ed butternut squash (things we bought at a apple farm) and CORN.

Saturday the girls and I went out for the evening and had chinese buffet for a late lunch. We munched when we got home. The guys had nachos and whatever else they could find.

So one rule to stick with my not shop mid plan!!