Menu... October 19 - 25

Monday, October 20, 2008

So after the major shakeup last week I did fine. Of course it helps that I didn't have set plans for Saturday. lol What we ended up doing was munching all day. I made a huge bowl of egg salad for lunch with plenty of leftovers. Then it was CORN (clean out refrigerator night).

New week, new menu although this week I'm a bit fuzzy on how things will go. I do have the next few days planned out so that should be easy enough...

Sunday... Pizza...cheese and bacon
Monday... Scalloped Potatoes
Tuesday... Pasty or chicken pot pie
Wednesday... Venison chili, cornbread
Thursday... Spanish Rice
Friday... Beans & rice burritos, CORN (clean out refrigerator night)
Saturday... Venison Stew, biscuits

Noelle, the scalloped potatoes recipe is coming up soon. It's one of those just throw in recipes, so hard to write out.