How many eggs does it take?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With our hens starting to lay, our fridge was getting full of eggs. We're getting between 8 and 10 eggs a day now with more hens to start up as we go (today I got 11 eggs!). So after 2.5 wks of gathering we needed to deal with the surplus. That can only mean one thing....scrambled eggs for dinner!!!!

So I gathered the ingredients...

That's 2 short of 7 dozen eggs (yes, those are green eggs...aren't they pretty!) They're on the small side....starting to become medium.
1 bag of precooked and previously frozen bacon
shredded mexican cheese blend
green pepper (I added another pepper after I took the picture)
and a yellow onion

Because some people in this house have aversions to onions (makes them physically ill) I made 2 large pans of with onion and one without...all the other ingredients were the same. Usually when I make scrambled eggs I dole out the servings and there isn't any left for seconds. For the first time in a while everyone was allowed to eat as much as they wanted.

Dinner was declared a hit. I'm left wondering many weeks can we have scrambled eggs before the kids stage a revolt? We'll have to start getting creative with them.

Care to share any favorite dishes that use lots of eggs?


Cheryl said...

We just alternate how we make the eggs. Scrambled one day, fried another, maybe an egg casserole, egg sandwiches (think egg mcmuffin type things), eggs in toast, breakfast burritos. It seems as long as the kids aren't being served just scrambled eggs every single day, they are happy. Plus it is a diversion from oatmeal. Or you can make quiche for dinner. And I've found that just using them in baking frequently uses up a decent amount. But our chickens either aren't laying as many as yours or are hiding them really well so we can't find them all. Another option if you get over run is to either sell them locally or find folks in your area who could use them. Give a few dozen away here and there.