Menu...January 18 - 24

Sunday, January 18, 2009

UB to the rescue!

UB is an uncle that shares our land (and many times meals) with us. Every once in a while he decides he wants some things from the store, hands me money and asks me to get it...along with whatever I want to. Yesterday he was in the mood for greasy Walmart fried chicken and V-8 juice. So I got to spend a bit of his money along with my own...making meal planning easier here. I included the things I bought for meals in my 2009 totals (see next post). I didn't include the fried chicken since it's take out (debating on including that budget in this blog), the V-8 is totally his...none for our use.

So the menu for this week so far is...

Sunday... Pizza, baby carrots and dip
Monday... Taco Soup with corn chips
Tuesday... Spaghetti with sauce and Italian sausage, homemade french bread
Wednesday... Meat and bean burritos with homemade tortillas, spanish rice
Thursday... Venison stew, biscuits

I'm not planning Fri and Sat since I'm hoping to go grocery shopping before those days, which will change the menu drastically.


Thia said...

Thanks for giving me an idea for dinner tonight...venison!