How last week played out....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Revisions to the menu continued through the whole week. We ended up not eating ANYTHING that was planned. What we ate looked like this...

Wednesday.... Bologna sandwiches and Chicken nuggets
Thursday....Penne with Vodka Sauce (my mom fed us)
Friday....FFYS (fend for yourself) night....cereal, sandwiches, nuggets, leftovers
Saturday... Venision...backstrap, baby carrots and dip

It helps to have other people feed your family when you're trying to save money. lol Of course not having to do the work wasn't half bad either. We ended up at my parents' after Carrie's TODAY study appt. I HAVE to get my mom's vodka sauce recipe. She says it's easy. At first I didn't think they kids would like it but they all ate it, even the kids who don't normally like sauce on their pasta (preferring butter and parm cheese instead)

Friday I ended up running around as usual and I said I'm not cooking for get whatever you want out of the fridge. There was ONE pkg of chicken nuggets left when dinner was over. (originally were 9 of them) The older kids needed to bring something to eat to church with them on Sat and finished it up. We had chicken nuggets so much this last week that I REFUSED to buy anymore this weekend, even though they were on clearance for $3.99 again (3 - 20oz pks). I did end up buying Seafood Salad that was on clearance 2lb container for $3.99. I can't make it for that price. Everyone LOVES it and the container goes amazingly far.

Tom brought home another doe on Fri night. (he knows someone who hunts on a nuisance permit) He strung it up in the trees and we took care of it Sat morning. His brother was out of town for the weekend so I offered to help Tom do the dirty work. We took off the hide together and then Tom decided he'd go on his dump run before starting the butchering. I told him I'd start while he was gone and I did. By the time he came home I was almost done. I think I did pretty clean and quick work considering I had NO idea what I was doing (had never done or seen it done before). I was worried about getting grossed out and turned off to eating the venison. Instead it helped me accept it more readily. I think I had made it worse in my mind. Eileen said she was glad she came out and watched since it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. We've talked of getting chickens and the main thing holding me back was the processing part of it. After doing the deer I think I can handle chickens just fine. And from there came Sat's dinner. :o) Gotta enjoy the choice cuts at their freshest.