Menu....March 23 - 29

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I wrote up a menu Monday while waiting for Michelle to get out of class. I haven't had time to get it online until today though.

Sunday... Easter dinner at my aunt's house (brought a huge fruit salad)
Monday... Split pea soup, crackers... BBQ cocktail weenies for those that didn't want lots of soup
Tuesday... Originally...Turkey and Gravy with mashed potatoes. Ended up eating at my parents after a dentist appt. Sloppy joes, hot dogs with sauerkraut, salad
Wednesday... Turkey and Gravy with mashed potatoes (in the fridge waiting to be served)
*Thursday... Sweet and Sour meatballs with rice
*Friday.... Fried mozzarella sticks with pasta salad
Saturday... Pizza (unless someone makes something else since it's my birthday)

*Ended up switching Thurs and Fri

Funny/embarrassing story about Sunday involving food. At my aunt's there was tons of food. They'd grilled two turkeys and two spiral sliced hams. Near the end of everyone eating I hear...KIM! Tom's taking home the turkey carcass...guess you have to make soup (Tom likes to make soup so it could be either of us). I played it off like it was no biggie. By the time we walked out the door not only did we end up with a turkey carcass, we also had both ham bones and the odds and ends. Now I'm very thankful for my aunt for providing us with a great meal. She of all my aunts and uncles seems to appreciate my family the most. So I didn't take it as a "pity" thing. The rest of the relatives there though....Oh well, good thing I don't care what they think. Although I probably do more then I care to admit because it felt a bit weird walking out of there with stuff that was destined for the trash can. (Tom stopped my cousin as he was about to dump the turkey carcass and drumsticks) The thing is, I found myself having to restrain myself at times too, like when my sister was throwing away the cheddar cheese slices that were leftover on the cheese tray. I was thinking...hey! That'd make a great cheese sauce for mac and cheese!

As soon as I got home Sun night I put the biggest pieces of ham into the freezer...they'll be used in scalloped potatoes. I threw the turkey carcass into an 8qt pot and the rest of the ham pieces and bones into another 8qt pot, filled each with cold water, brought it up to a boil and then turned it down as low as it could go. I ended up falling asleep and woke up at 5am to the smell of yummy ham cooking. I turned them off and went back to bed for a bit. By 8am I had both pans picked through. A pot of split pea soup simmering and a pot of chicken and gravy doing the same. I'd thrown a huge baggie of turkey and broth into the freezer for turkey noodle soup. And a baggie of ham and broth followed it destined for bean soup. So out of someone's "trash" I ended up with the base for 5 good size meals that will probably provide leftovers or lunches too. Not too shabby. Thanks Aunt A!


noelle said...

Lucky you!!! It's amazing to me how much meat is still on those bones and what a yummy meal can be had from the "trash". And 5 meals? Good for you! It just takes a little work and a little know how and you can be eating well for little money.