Menu... March 16 - 22

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday... Venison chipotle rice
Monday... Venison stew, boiled cabbage, Irish soda bread
Tuesday... Bean and cheese burritos (never had last week)
Wednesday... Beer batter fried fish sandwiches, canned veggies
Thursday... Burgers, chips, green beans
Friday... Pizza, veggie tray with dip
Saturday... Pork loin roast, sauteed veggies, mashed potatoes

Things may change up at the end of the week as I'll need to go grocery shopping for most things on the list. I'm picking up my sister's girls after school on Thurs (my kids have the day off) and they're staying until Sat night. I'm thinking burgers will be quick and easy after being out all day. We may or may not have Olivia's birthday party on Fri or Sat since some guests she wanted there are going out of town for the night. We'll still have a little party here with my sister's girls anyways.

Special thanks to Anne for the Irish bread recipe. I'm really looking forward to trying it.