Shopping trip and menu revision

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ended up revising the rest of the week's menu.   I ended up having no tomatoes or spaghetti sauce for Wed night so had to switch things up a bit.  Michelle and I ran to the store after she got out of work for a few things.  I had the receipt and meant to post a list of what I bought but have since misplaced it.  

Wednesday....BBQ cocktail weinies, baked beans, canned sweet peas
Thursday....spaghetti and meatballs
Friday.... Eggs, sausage and toast
Saturday...Late lunch of spaghetti and sauce with a  later "snack" of venison

The venison was an unexpected but welcomed gift.  Someone Tom knows has permits and takes down damage causing deer.  He called Sat morning to say he had 2 small does for us.  Tom and his brother did the butchering and split the meat.   We bagged up the meat for the freezer.  Then cooked the backstraps/loins for dinner YUM!    They aren't very seasoned in butchering so things were a bit chopped up.  Most of it will probably end up as meat chunks with the larger hunks becoming roasts.   I was wishing they'd saved the hides, I'd love to try to tan them.   Tom thought it was too much work and he's probably right.  It just seems like a huge waste!  Maybe if we get more he'll allow me to have it.    

I bought a few things that weren't on my list from the earlier post.   Mostly it was 2 bags of apples, 2 heads of cabbage and 4 - 22.5 oz pkgs  of spreadable cheddar cheese.  Oh and a loaf of bread.  I haven't been so great about baking our bread.  Right now my excuse is that my dough hook for my kitchenaid seems to be missing.   I could do it by hand but I'd be lucky to have enough freehand time to throw things in the mixer.   I couldn't pass up the cheese they were 2 for $2.00!  Each pkg contains 1 container of chipolte and one container of smokey bacon.   I'm thinking at the very least I can use them to make mac and cheese.   I'll be looking for other ideas too, so share if you have them.