Midweek report

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This weekend I cooked up the last 2lbs of bacon I had in the fridge and divided it up into 3 meals. Originally they were going to be Baked beans, cowboy beans and potato soup. Being snowed in on Sunday, without a set plan on what to make special for Val's birthday...we opted for Pizza. I was out of margarine/butter and oil so made the dough using shortening, it didn't come out half bad. Knowing I had cooked the bacon earlier Val asked if one of the pizzas could be garlic bacon...oh well baked beans can be done without bacon. I also made one BBQ chicken (used chicken nuggets for the meat..wasn't enough for a meal) and 2 pepperonis. There were leftovers for breakfast the next day. :o) I also whipped up some crab rangoons which I ended up baking. They were OK but would've been better fried.

After cooking up the bacon I cut up and fried the hot dogs for cowboy beans. Tom and I were planning on taking Val and her boyfriend to dinner for her birthday (gift cards and borrowed money from Michelle). Having the cowboy beans almost done helped out Michelle for dinner that night. It was basically a mix and heat type of deal.

Tuesday night's potato soup was interesting. It started with me being out of butter still and almost out of milk. So powdered milk it was. Unfortunately the butter was missed. I tried to compensate it with added bouillon which helped. It wasn't the best soup but served it's purpose.

Tonight is spaghetti and meatball. I THINK I have everything I need for it. Guess I should go check my canned tomato supply. Oops...looks like I'm going to the store tonight. Man! I hate running out of things!

Shopping list so far...

veg oil
canned tomatoes
black pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
cat food