Tye-Dye Duo over and done with

Monday, July 28, 2008

We roasted the 2 roosters tonight. I took a picture before we roasted them but forgot to take one before we cut it up for serving.

Never having had free range bird before I wasn't sure how much fat there would be. My thought was, not a lot. Instead of my normal olive oil I buttered the birds using real butter. Then I seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper and into the oven they went. They smelled DELICIOUS cooking!

The size of the drumsticks and thighs surprised me. Those two guys gave us a lot of meat even though I left a decent amount on the carcass when I carved them. (planning on making stock with them). My concern that the kids would balk at the idea of eating the roosters and the taste of it were for naught. Everyone that ate it, liked it. I choose a thigh and while it was very tasty, it was also a bit tough. I can see why people cut their chickens into pieces. The thighs and drumsticks are definitely geared more toward stewing. Then again maybe these birds were a bit older then I'd like my roasters to be. (we don't know how old they were) Also I'm considering not allowing my meat birds so much freedom...but not sure about that yet.

Anyways back to the roasted roosters. Immediately after dinner I took what was left and put it in the crockpot with the carcasses and pan drippings. I'll let it cook on low until the morning when I should have a pretty meaty crock of broth.


noelle said...

We got free range chickens from our CSA farm this year, too. I was surprised that 1 chicken was enough for us. The legs and thighs were big enough to fill up the kids, and I split one breast with the littles. Amazing when a bird isn't controlled to be all breast how big the BOTTOM of it can be, huh?

You inspire me to finally get chickens for eggs. It's legal in Denver here if you pay a $50 lifestock fee. Can you believe that?