Corndog Chili Casserole

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mirz/Michelle posted the Corndog Casserole recipe on LOK's Household Tips Board. She also posted a chili cheese dog casserole recipe. I took elements from both recipes and made the corndog chili casserole.

Makes a 11" x 17" Lasagna pan
Oven 400°F

4 15oz cans chili with beans (will use homemade in the winter)
4 pkgs corn muffin mix (I've used both jiffy and store brand successfully)
3 pkgs (12-16oz) hot dogs
1 pkg real bacon bits (can use imitation or omit entirely)
onion powder (can't use real onions due to allergies)
4 eggs
1 1/3 cup milk

Spread chili evenly on the bottom of the pan
Quarter hot dogs lengthwise and dice into bite size pieces
Mix one pkg of hot dogs into chili
Make corn muffin mix according to directions (with egg and milk)
Mix in remaining hot dogs, bacon bits and onion powder to muffin batter
Gently spread batter over chili
Bake 20-30mins until golden brown and done in center