Menu - The rest of this week

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fellowship week was awesome! It was so nice to have all the meals planned out ahead of time. No thinking, just grab and go. Ok...some of them I had to cook or fix before we left..but it was still easy. I changed things up at the end of the conference and Tuesday night we bought food at the grill. I didn't have the time to fix chicken and gravy. Instead we had grilled chicken sandwiches (chicken breasts were HUGE!), hamburger and cheeseburgers, hofmann hotdogs and salt potatoes. YUM! Also once we were home on Wednesday I didn't make the corn dog casserole because they had a lot of leftovers to eat. So it was leftovers night. Corn dog casserole is tonight! :o)

Wednesday... Leftovers
Thursday... Corn dog chili casserole
Friday... Homemade mac and cheese, spinach salad
Saturday... Mu Shu chicken