ICK! How did THAT happen?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I had a package of 5 dozen eggs in the fridge so decided to boil a bunch up for sandwiches and to eat out of hand. I took off the top of the pkg so I could throw them into the pot of water. Some of the eggs shells had black on them, like they were sitting on newsprint. WHAT was it? Is that mold!?! I had never seen moldy eggs before. I didn't even know eggs could get moldy.

I did the float went to the good. I cracked it open to smell it...smelled fine. So I washed off the shells and threw them into the pot. Then something caught my eye. It was the cracked egg and shell sitting in the bowl. Inside the shell were HUGE black mold spots. OK...NOT eating them! I finished cooking them but they are chicken food now.

I was irritated. That's a lot of eggs to lose! Especially at the price they're at now. How could that happen? I was bound and determined to go into the store, complain and get my money back. I reached for the label so I could bring it into the store. That's when I actually READ the label. The sell by date was June 11th!!!! OOPS! AGAIN HOW did that happen? Everyone knows you rotate groceries. So what if it's a huge package and it's easier to grab the smaller cartons around it. Oh well, I guess I'm just as guilty as the rest of them. But grrrr!

Now I'm adding eggs to my shopping list