Menu... August 3 - 9

Monday, August 04, 2008

Why do I even bother? I make a menu, revise it and still couldn't stick to it last week! So why go through all that planning? Oh well at least we ate SOMETHING. This Saturday starts our Fellowship Week at church. I normally camp over there but this year I don't think we will. That means the menu will work since I'll have to plan ahead (can't run to the store) to bring meals that I can take in the morning and serve at dinner. Or I could just bring sides/snacks and buy hotdogs or burgers from the grill. I haven't decided what route I want to go's too far away to start thinking of it. lol

So this week looks something like this...

Sunday... Homemade garlic and pepperoni pizzas, baby carrots and dip
Monday... BBQ cocktail weiners, mashed potatoes, canned sweet peas
Tuesday... Spaghetti with sauce, Italian Sausage, garlic rolls (ready in the fridge)
Wednesday... BBQ Venison sandwiches, (meat cooking now)
Thursday... Jake's birthday, his choice... Seafood salad sandwiches, blooming onions, poppers
Friday... Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, canned green beans

I'll post the conference meals later in the week (need to figure lunches also)