Menu... August 7 - 14

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday... Carrie's birthday...snacked all day...Mozzarella sticks, chicken spring rolls, tomato sandwiches
Monday... Italian sausauge sandwiches, salad,
Tuesday... Hamburgers, buns, sauteed vegetables
Wednesday... Scalloped potatoes and ham
Thursday... Chicken nuggets, garlic egg noodles, green beans
Friday... Spaghetti, garlic bread
Saturday... BBQ venison sandwiches

The only thing I can see needing to buy this week is Rolls for the BBQ venison if I don't get around to making them myself. Then WHY do I keep finding myself eyeing the grocery ads for this week? The bottom round roasts on sale at multiple places is looking really yummy! Of course I'll have to go to the store at some time this week. We'll still need fresh fruit, veggies and milk.


noelle said...

I see scalloped potatoes and ham on your menu a lot. How do you do yours? and what ham do you use?