A chilly rainy day

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm sitting here under a blanket, smelling the pot of bean and bacon soup Tom has simmering on the stove. YUM! It's a perfect soup day. I've mentioned to Tom and the kids what I've been doing here with my grocery trips. Tom, not doing the major shopping very much was shocked at how much I've spent in less then a month. I don't blame him I tend to look at the amount and say OMGosh too. But it takes a lot of food to feed a lot of people. In the grand scheme of things $250 a week isn't unheard of, especially for 12 people. Still, it's more then I'm used to spending or would like to spend ($0 would be nice thankyouverymuch lol).

$250/wk isn't accurate either since what I bought will be eaten over the next few weeks instead of when I bought it. I know I'll still be spending money those weeks, just not the huge chunks like I just did. Unless of course I fall into the common shopaholic trap of thinking it's ok to shop and spend since it's food. I know I've done it before and can easily do it now. I mean here I'd just bought a boatload of groceries and I was still checking out grocery ads on Sunday. Not a good idea. Especially when I saw the chicken breasts I bought for $1.69/lb last week on sale at the same store for $1.39!!! Boooo! (hmmmm I'm going into the dentist again on Friday...should I buy another few bags? lol) If I was comfortable with my pressure cooker I could buy a bunch and can it. Then I wouldn't have to worry about having freezer space. But I'm not yet. Guess you have to start somewhere. I'll think about it.

So yesterday we went off plan already. I never got spanish rice going so told the kids to have nachos and sandwiches. I think we'll have spanish rice on Wed and move the Shrimp alfredo to Friday, but not positive yet.

I think in the next day or so I'll be taking inventory. Then I can get an acurrate picture of how far what I've purchased in the last few weeks will last.