Wegmans 11/10

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yep, I went shopping again! I guess the amount I already spent wasn't obscene enough....we had to go for XXX! Actually Wegmans has lowered their prices on a bunch of staples for the holidays. We were out of milk so decided I'd go there and pick up cheap staples while I could. I'm getting to the point that I'm going to have to invest in a few totes for storage. Way back when (before my life was devoted to driving in the OPPOSITE direction everyday) I had a Sam's club membership and bought 25 - 50lbs of bread flour every 2wks. Now that I'm not making bread as much (but want to get back to that again) I haven't needed the huge supply so 20lbs here or there was fine and my totes were relegated to other tasks. (like a chicken nesting box lol) I don't think I want to reclaim them for my flour bins.

6.32 8 loaves homestyle bread
.99 loaf giant bread
24.32 80% ground beef - $1.99/lb
4.70 2 gallons skim milk
4.78 2 gallons 1% milk
1.98 2 bags brown sugar
1.98 2 bags powdered sugar
3.98 2 bags granulated sugar
2.98 2 bags flour
8.28 12 cans tutrosso crushed tomatoes
8.28 12 cans tutrosso tomato puree
2.07 3 cans cranberry sauce
8.76 4 large bags frozen corn
.89 bag frozen corn, 1# (mistake...missed putting it back)
2.67 3 bags frozen mixed vegetables, 1#
3.98 2 boxes cinnamon square cereal
3.19 large jar spanish olives
1.98 2 muffins (eaten in the by me)
1.49 Edy's frozen fruit bar (eaten in car...not by me lol)

Total - $94.38 ($94.22 + $.16 tax)

Running total since 10/17 - $1023.80