I'm sure if my head wasn't firmly attached

Friday, November 07, 2008

I'd be headless many many time in my life. As I said a few minutes ago I went shopping yesterday and stocked up on a few things. It's always a good feeling to be ahead of the game. Looking at my menu from the other day I realized my easy dinner was for Friday because of my dentist appointment. Well my appointment was THURSDAY! Luckily what I had planned is something Tom likes to cook. So the kids had venison soup minus the beans. I think I'll use the beans on Saturday since we didn't do any roosters in yet.

So today (Fri) will be Lemon Chicken with brussel sprouts and I'm sure something else

Saturday will be Bean with bacon soup and breadsticks

I'm debating on whether to run up to Save-a-Lot today (it's in the oppposite direction I normally go). My fridge and cupboards are getting bare, I could do with a restock. I think we're down to a quart of milk.