Menu...November 1 - 8

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Again we're out of propane!!! I informed the company that we were low on Wed and asked to have a delivery by the weekend so we didn't run out. Here is it 1:45 Tues afternoon and I'm still waiting. If they don't come today, they are coming to get their tank and I'm calling someone else. Even if they delivery today, it may be their last. I'm sick of dealing with this each and every month. I'm sick of going days without propane. I've asked and asked again to please be put back on automatic delivery but they haven't done it. I'll go to a company that will. (and speak of the devil here they are! I should've ranted hours ago lol)

Well I guess that means I can do my menu now and we can have Pizza tonight!

Sunday... Angel hair with sauce
Monday... Smoked Sausage, micro'ed potatoes, salad
Tuesday... Pizza, salad
Wednesday... Chicken and gravy with mashed potatoes
Thursday... Venison and bean soup, bread
Friday... Breakfast for dinner....pancakes and eggs (need something quick, have a dentist appt that day)
Saturday... Roasted Roosters (if we cull the roosters down on Thurs) TBD (to be determined) if no roosters on Thurs.

I'm not so gung ho on this menu. That means I'll probably be revising things later in the week.