Thursday 9/30

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Waffles (I'll cry when we finally run out of these)

Olivia and I will be grabbing something on the road...we actually had frittatas at my dad's house. YUM!
Kids are eating at school

Dinner... Cost $11.27 (leftovers)
Meatball Subs

Wow! Can't believe that September is over. I have a dr appt in the suburbs today. I'm hoping to stop at the bread store and stock up while I'm in. I'll also have to stop for a milk restock. I'll add what I spend to the payperiod total. I'm thinking I might keep a running yearly total too. I figure it'll be more accurate seeing as I will use things I bought this payperiod in the next one.

We've been talking groceries on a message board I visit. I see what other people feed their family and feel like my family is just a bunch of PIGS! Someone mentioned that perhaps some were taking the budget thing to a level that put their children's health as a low priority. I was slightly offended and disagreed with justification of coming to this conclusion. I do appreciate that she voiced this opinion though. I does remind me to analyze our diet more often. It's one of the reasons I've started this. So I have it written down and can look at it later. I also tend to work harder to feed my family well when I have to hold myself accountable to it. (instead of telling them to grab a sandwich or make some toast lol)

I'm amazed we still have chips and cookies left! I put them in a new place....way up high ontop of the cupboard over the fridge. It stops anyone from just grabbing it when they're hungry, or even myself from doing that. It's too much trouble to climb up there. I've also noticed this week that the kids aren't snacking as much. Always a good thing in my book. Maybe it's because I've been making meals in a timely fashion, thanks to having a "menu". Maybe it's because they've been taking more time to eat breakfast and such because I have a variety of fast and yummy food. I just hope it continues. Snacks can really break my budget!