Friday, 10/1

Friday, October 01, 2004

October...WOW! Having girls overnight for Michelle's birthday. We're also having a party tomorrow. all day according to her (7am - 11pm! lol)

Waffles with ice cream (think they are all gone now) :o(
Leftover Meatballs and sauce

Bunch of snacks, not feeling well

Snacked, feeling worse
Ham Sandwiches, fixed their own

I went to the bread store yesterday. They didn't have a GREAT sale but I did find some good things. I bought....

(all 22oz loaves, all cost $.50ea)
4 - Multigrain
4 - Whole Wheat
6 - White
4 boxes Friehoffer Chocolate Chip Cookies BOGOF $.90ea
1 bag Wise Honey BBQ chips (snack for Olivia and I)

Payperiod total...$507.08
Year Total (starting 9/24/04)...$507.08

I'm sending Pat and Drew to WM. They are picking up my meds and buying milk, a cake and a few things for Michelle's party. So unfortunately that total will be increasing. I'm dumbfounded that I'm spending this much! And I wondered where all our extra funds were going! :o( The good thing is that a lot of what I bought will allow other grocery shopping trips to be a little lighter. (which is why I think a YTD total is more accurate)