My birthday

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tom was fretting over the fact that we didn't have any cake mix in the house for my birthday cake. He must've asked me 20 times if I'd find him a recipe for an easy cake online. Then the concern was dinner. I informed him that Pizza was on the menu today and I'd make the crust which only takes a few minutes, everything else was in the fridge. He went out back for a while and came in with some money. Seems BIL decided he wanted me to get some things at the store. I was informed to get LOTS of steak and some snacks...other then that, I could spend the money as I saw fit. And I did! Not only did I spend that money, but I spent some of our's too. oops! Michelle was laughing because I was throwing things in my cart that I had in there earlier in the week but decided we could do without (like blueberry muffins lol)

For my birthday dinner I bought...
Steak - bought 2 huge roasts and sliced into steaks myself
stuff for a HUGE salad (also have enough for a few more meals)
Vanilla ice cream (Michelle bought toppings for sundaes)
Birthday cake (was going to buy mixes but Michelle twisted my arm on getting this instead)

Other things I bought...
Starburst candies
Blueberry muffins
cream cheese (for bagels and various dips)
velvetta cheese (cheese sauce for EVERYTHING lol)
orange juice
green grapes
frozen strawberries (sundae toppings, smoothies and parfaits)
vanilla yogurt (smoothies and parfaits)
honey roasted peanuts
various chips and pretzels

We were all able to stuff ourselves full of whatever we wanted and had leftovers. The kids cleaned up in no time flat (amazing what you can do when you work together). Michelle had the sundae bar set up really nicely. We had gummi worms, reeses pieces, strawberries, bananas, sprinkles, crushed up cookies, assorted mini marshmellows (fruit flavored), hot fudge, chocolate magic shell, and canned whipped cream. YUMMMMMM! We never ended up eating the cake until Sunday night because we were stuffed from the sundaes.