I don't know how I did it

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I messed up the turkey! I wasn't home at all on Tues so decided to cook it last night, cut it up and stick it in the fridge then it'd be ready for the next day's dinner. (number of days in the fridge were getting too many to wait another day) Everyone kept saying the turkey was done and I kept putting them off. I checked it and saw the doneness gauge on the turkey had popped (I hate those things!) so I stuck it with my meat thermometer. It immediately went up to 190...oh great...a dry turkey. I took it out and let it cool so I could handle it. When I went to process it, it wasn't done! UGH! So I threw all the pieces back into the roaster and stuck it in the oven. Eventually I started dozing off and knew I'd never stay up until the turkey was done. So I turned it off and thought to get up really early and take care of it. I never got up! This morning it was still warm but dried out. :o( So my yummy slabs of moist turkey for sandwiches became turkey salad and the broth gained a bit more meat then it normally would. Not what I wanted but I made do anyways.

Of course you know a revision is coming. We resorted to the meal in a pinch...chicken nuggets. That means Fri meal has to change too. Now I think it'll look like...

Tuesday...Chicken nuggets and baby carrots with dip
Wednesday...Turkey salad, rolls, salad, green beans
Thursday...Lasagna rollups, bread
Saturday...Venison stew, biscuits