Oh I hate when that happens!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I had to throw out a WHOLE 8qt pot of chicken and broth this morning!!!! It was one of the richest and meatiest pots I've ever made too. I just want to could've made at least 2 meals. All that money and work gone. Actually I haven't thrown it away yet, I'm not sure exactly WHAT to do with it. I can't dump it down the drain, can't throw it in the trash. I'll probably have Tom dump it into the weeds. Makes me wish we had animals that could be fed it.

So WHY do I have to toss it? Because I just got up and see it's sitting on the back of the stove. I hadn't bothered to debone the thighs, just threw them in along with the pan drippings which I never do...that usually goes straight to gravy. It simmered all day long and made it smell Yuuuumy in here. I'd turned it off around 3pm so that it could cool enough to allow me to debone it. (figured I'd do it after dinner) Sean was super fussy with a fever and I got stuck in my chair with him. I eventually decided sitting with him wasn't working so took him to bed. Shortly after climbing into the bed I realized the pot was still on the stove. I couldn't get up so figured I'd ask Tom to throw it in the fridge before he climbed into bed. I fell asleep before he came in!!! So the pot sat and sat and sat. And now 14hrs after turning it off, it's trash. :o(

Wish I could console myself with the fact that it's only $.49/pound turkey and we already got one meal out of it (turkey salad tonight), but I can't. It's just too much and would've gone so far. I actually sat here at first and tried to reason that it wouldn't be bad and I COULD use it. Of course nothing is worth that risk to my family's health, not even almost free meals. OK, take that back, if we were starving or going to starve without it, it'd be a different story. Thankfully that's not part of the equation today.


noelle said...

OH, that is the worst and it has totally happened to me here too.

Such a bummer!